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Whether it’s doing something about bus stops that are merely poles and signs without benches or shelters; or raising awareness of a growing homeless population in our community, we can empower each other to affect change. During his candidacy, President Obama said it best: “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they come together.” This is truly what has been happening with the Wake Up movement. We’ve done this work together. What began as a resistance to retrogression (turning back the hands of time), has become an uplifting, community-based, grassroots movement for change. The WIDU WAKE UP Pastors’ Coalition totals more than 100 pastoral members; And our total number WIDU Partners for Progress totals 200+ members. Friends, we are growing! We have courageously spoken up and spoken out on critical issues of fairness, equality and inclusiveness in this community. Together, we filled up city hall to peacefully express our concerns. Together, we raised $25,000 for a homeless shelter. Together, we have built an incredible community event known as the WIDU Anniversary and Empowerment Conference three years in a row.  Jim Rohn said we experience in life one of two pains…discipline or regret. Discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons. We are determined to remain disciplined and focused on the mission, which is to make our community truly great. The greatness of our community is truly the stength and resilience of its people. Our vision for the WIDU, the WAKE UP Movement and the WE-DO Radio Network to grow into beacons of Hope and develop sustaining resources for the entire community.

-Wes and Sandy


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