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Wiley Jackson Ministries

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Ministry Bio

Bishop Wiley Jackson is the Presiding Prelate and Founder of the Gospel Tabernacle Church with flourishing locations in Atlanta, Stone Mountain, and Griffin, Georgia.

Bishop Jackson has been leading his congregation for over twenty-nine years with tremendous passion.  His newest venture, "ACTION LIVING", is his personal message and philosophy that offers insight to life.  "ACTION LIVING" challenges us to put our faith, values and beliefs into action - to do something, to get in motion, to take risks - all for the sole purpose of improving our quality of life.

Charimatic.  Open minded.  Transparent.  Humble.  A man of integrity.  Each of these words depcits the essence of Bishop Jackson's great character and presence.  He is a free thinker who is always "blowing the walls" off convention.  The message he brings challenges you to take responsibility for reaching your destiny and full potential by putting the "Word Into Action."  This passion for motivating others and evangelism has led him to minister across the United States, as well as in China and South Africa.  No matter where he is led to minister, the impact of his message motivates people to action through the power of God's word.

Bishop Jackson is a heralded graduate of Beulah Heights Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia, and the recipient of two honorary Doctorates of Divinity. Bishop Jackson founded the Word in Action Fellowship of Pastors (WIAFOP) out of his strong passion and desire to empower pastors to build strong foundations in the Word and their congregations.  WIAFOP eventually became the Gospel Tabernacle Churches International (GTCI).  GTCI ignites church growth, inspires Pastors, and impacts congregations.

Bishop Jackson's first book, Born to Overcome, inspires one to conquer, master, and prevail over obstacles by changing negative experiences of life from excuses to stepping stones.  His last book, Uncommon Faith, looks at the lives of those who exemplify Uncommon Faith, how they did it, and what God did for them.  God is pleased with us when we are walking in faith; he becomes overjoyed with us when we begin walking in Uncommon Faith.

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