Pastor Solomon Kpandei - Praise The Language of Faith
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - GRACE AND GRATITUDE
Pastor Lawrence Oladele - Leveraging on Relationship
Pastor Bolu Oluyomi - CEO After God's Heart
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Think Like A CEO 3
Pastor Kenny Folarin - Act Like A CEO
- Think Like A Ceo 2
Pastor Segun Dada - Grace For Outstanding Success
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Think Like a Ceo
Pastor Boye Oloyede - Basics Of Success
Pastor Timi Mogaji - The Prayer Of Faith And Healing
Pastor Kenny Folarin - Faith For Healing
Tola Seedy - Wisdom For Emotional Health
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Managing Stress
Pastor Bolu Oluyomi - God Wants You Healed
Sam Adeyemi - The Covenant of Healing and Health
Pastor Kenny Folarin - The Ultimate Doctor
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Changing the mind of a Nation
Pastor Lawrence Oladele - Jesus In The Ghetto
Kenny Folarin - The Ministry of the Evangelist
Pastor Kayode Odutayo - Someone Is Watching
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Lord of the Harvest
Pastor Boye Oloyede - Mind Your Fishing Business
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Life Saving Questions
Pastor Grace Ofili - You are an Ambassador
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - One to One
Pastor Murphy Eyenike - Gods Love And My Nature
Pastor Kenny Folarin - Love for God
Pastor Lawrence Oladele - God's Love-What Is In It For Me?
Pastor Kenny Folarin - Overcoming The Revenge Trap
Pastor Dele Agbogun - Do Something
Pastor Kenny Folarin - Love: Oxygen of Life
Pastor Kayode Odutayo - What Does Love Look Like
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - The Pursuit of Love
Pastor Kenny Folarin - A More Excellent Way
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - Ending Your Relationship with Mediocrity and Moving on to Excellence
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Serving with Excellence
Pastor Segun Dada - Grace For Excellent Lifestyle
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Achieving Excellence
Pastor Timi Mogaji - Excellence In Business
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Pursuing Excellence
Pastor Tola Seedy - Excellence Is A Must
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Being A Good Quality Person
Pastor Boye Oloyede - There Is Grace In The House
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Unleashing Your Talent
Pastor Kenny Folarin - Holy Spirit Empowerment
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Discovering Your Talents 2
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Talent is Important 2
Pastor Victor Akinyemi - Positioned For Greatness
Reflections - Incarcerated
Pastor Segun Dada - Grace For Maximizing Your Potential
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Talent is Important
Pastor Murphy Eyenike - Marriage, A Gift And Assignment From God
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Educating Children is a Priority
Dr. Hugh Osgood - The Marks of an Apostolic Church
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Mindsets and Marriage
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - Happily Ever After
Pastor Solomon Kpandei - The Power of Family Unity
Pastor Kenny Folari - Wisdom For Marital Success
Pastor Glenn Arekion - Wisdom, Secrets To Build
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Marriage By Grace
Pastor Kenny Folarin - A Successful Marriage
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Changing Lives Through Small Groups
Pastor Tola Seedy - Preach Like That
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Nothing Sweeter Than Changing Lives 2
Pastor Boye Oloyede - Be Like Andy
Pastor kenny Folarin - Good News
Pastor Grace Ofili - Know Your Value
Pastor Lawrence Oladele - I Will Shine
Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Nothing Sweeter than Changing Lives
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - Noisemakers versus Lovers
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - Let Go And Move On
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - See Through to Breakthrough
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - Into Her, Into Him
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - 21st Century Mother
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - Parenting
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - My Child Is Promoted
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - The Making of a Builder Part 2
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - The Making of a Builder - Part 1
Pastor Nike Adeyemi - A Lifestyle of Love and Giving