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Streaming Platform announces its comprehensive and innovative client solution oriented product, Streamline. This exclusive program was designed with the client in mind. It provides you, the client, more accessibility and capability. Streamline is an extension of the exemplary product and services offered by Consider Streamline as your back office and all of its features as your personal assistant.

Every ministry has access to synchronized analytics for all their live and video on-demand content. Every ministry has access to all the data required to completely understand how, when and where their content is viewed. Additionally, Streamline answers the who, what, when, and how many questions of viewership. Streamline takes the guesswork out of video analytics and content strategization by providing practical and useful data.

The team utilizes the data obtained through Streamline and offers ways to make the most of the data provided. We inform you of who's watching you and how many are watching you, what you can do to keep them watching you and how to increase viewership. We provide immediate and long range opportunity strategies that are exclusively yours.


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