Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. & Pastor Debra B. Morton

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. was born in Windsor Ontario, Canada but was destined to move to the United States. God had a special calling on his life that extended far beyond the Canadian borders. In 1972, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. Not long after, he became the Senior Pastor of the Greater Saint Stephen Missionary Baptist Church. He served faithfully there for thirty-three years. Under his leadership, it became a “Full Gospel” Baptist Church, expanding to three areas of the city, maximizing at seven services per Sunday.

However, after the devastating storm, Katrina, God repositioned him. At God’s command, he passed the mantle to his wife, Debra B. Morton, who now serves as Senior Pastor of the mother church in New Orleans. Bishop Morton now serves as Senior Pastor of the “baby” church, G.S.S. Changing A Generation, in Atlanta, Georgia which was birthed out of the mother church. Bishop Paul S. Morton and Pastor Debra Morton now serve as each other’s Co-Pastor. Now “One Church in Two States”, their slogan is “Changing The Way We Do Church!”

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. is also the founding Presiding Bishop of one of the fastest growing movements in America – The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

As an apostle, he has birthed many churches out of Greater Saint Stephen, New Orleans. Bishop Morton is also an international television preacher who, for over twenty-five years, reaches thousands of souls for the Lord on a weekly basis.

Morton is also a gifted author and an anointed singer, having received five Stellar Awards.

His life in Christ is evidenced by his love and compassion for his family, the brethren and those who are lost.

Many esteem him as a Pastor’s Pastor; a Leader’s Leader; His wife and children revere him as a loving husband and role model father.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. who strives to exemplify the heart of God, is truly God’s Man!

Dr. Debra B. Morton is the much admired and beloved Senior Pastor of the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Co-Pastor of Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.  She works diligently in the service of the Lord with her husband, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International (FGBCFI). Dr. Morton also serves as General Overseer of the women’s division and daughters of the promise (DOP) of the (FGBCFI). As General Overseer, she oversees and ministers to more than 20,000 women annually.  It was Dr. Morton’s founding of the Women of Excellence Ministry (WOE) in 1987 that most profoundly expanded her sphere of influence far beyond the local pastorate. As founder of WOE for over 15 years, Dr. Morton nurtured thousands of women. As a result of WOE, many pastors, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc. were birthed.

In 1993, Debra B. Morton was ordained as an Elder.  She thereby earned the ground-breaking distinction as one of the first ordained female elders to preach in the Baptist pulpit. Dr. Morton hosted weekly an early morning television and radio talk shows, “Morning Coffee,” where discussions of everyday life were infused with spiritual application. Locally her radio show gained much popularity as did her TV nationally, on the Word Television Network – as Dr. Morton proclaimed: “Jesus is better than a good cup of coffee; He is Lord.”