Pastors Walter & Carrie Laidler

How much difference can one man make in the life of another? If that man is Dr. Frederick K. C. Price, the answer is tremendous.

What you see today at Christ Community Christian Center Church in the city of Lakeland Florida is a direct result of that initial encounter of Pastor Laidler with Pastor Price. Pastor Laidler first saw Dr. Price while attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary at Boston, MA in 1980. He was not willing to return and pastor in little Lakeland because of the Scripture…”they took offense at him…only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor. And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Matt 13:57-58 NIV) Pastor Laidler met face-to-face with Dr. Price in Los Angeles in August 1987.

In the years that followed, Pastor Laidler made a purposeful decision to watch, to follow, and to glean all that he could from Dr. Price. The full impact of that encounter has blessed so many lives. The many families at CCCC share a similar love and gratitude for Dr. Price because he has touched their lives as well. Pastor Laidler is a partaker of the grace (Philippians 1:7) and a partaker of the anointing that God flows through Dr. Price. The love shared by the CCCC family for Drs. Frederick & Betty Price is insurmountable. Pastor Laidler is a charter member of FICWFM.