Covenant Daughters Ministries

When a house has been standing for a long time, the foundation of that house begins to shift because of the elements. Inside the house, the walls will begin to crack, and the floors will shift; which causes the foundation of that house to become unstable. Also, the bricks will come apart, and if this problem is neglected it can result in the whole house caving in. Therefore, the foundation of the house must be relayed. Likewise, the foundation of the church must be relayed.


Of course, I am not talking about a building; I am talking about the family. God has called me to help relay the foundation on which the family structure rests. In order to do so, I was instructed to start with His daughters. According to Psalms 144:12, God’s desire is that His daughters be as cornerstones (pillars). Who being positioned in the Chief Cornerstone (Jesus), would give birth to living stones. Who being built up as a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, will offer up spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus.

The key word here is POSITION. God has called me to help position His daughters for the end time movement for the return of Christ. Through COVENANT DAUGHTERS He desires to equip, empower, and mature us as Godly women that we might extend the victory of Jesus over evil.

Surely, my Sisters, we are in a war! But before we can war, we must be taught to walk. And before being called to walk, we must be taught where we stand. If we are going to see our children restored to God, loved ones saved, communities replenished, and lack done away with; then we must grasp our position in Christ-We reign with Him!


We have been given every spiritual blessing to win in this war. We have been chosen, made blameless, adopted, accepted, forgiven, predestined, and sealed. Now is the time we need to know who we are in Christ and come into the fullness of His redemption. We must resist evil, and face life’s trials through Christ’s victory. No longer can we allow the enemy to misuse, abuse, and use us to help destroy the church. We must become Covenant Daughters of God in order to be suitable, capable, dependable, adaptable, and intelligent helpmeets to the priests of the land to birth forth God’s glory and vision that is now coming to fruition.

As a whole, we should be people united in whom God s fullness and glory can dwell. His high purpose, through His people, is to be unveiled and to manifest his will to us so that we might minister as a living body; spreading over the earth and penetrating the heavenlies.

However, we cannot approach this without a practical understanding of His present glory. God’s grace and presence are to affect our everyday life. The objective of COVENANT DAUGHTERS is to equip women to walk in a manner worthy of the calling, and to bring growth in the discipline essential to triumph in spirit-filled living.


Covenant Daughters is designed for those in leadership as well as for the laity. It is a women’s discipleship program geared toward building up the women in the body of Christ as a whole. Covenant Daughters seeks to equip women for the end time as well as providing avenues to use their gifts to help restore our communities, children, homes, and nation. Covenant Daughters are on the move for God! We know where we came from, we know why we are here, and we know where we’re going. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Won’t you join me in my quest as I help relay the foundation in the lives of Gods daughters!