Pastor Michael Jones

As President of Restoration Multimedia Network., a mass communications
and marketing organization, Minister, Songwriter, Poet, Motivational
Speaker…Mike Jones is distinctly different.
He knows how to harness the same level of courage, perseverance, and
drive he once needed to become the Overbrook School for the Blind’s
wrestling champion and track star. For several years his blind 50 yard dash
record was unbeaten.
His philosophy is that obstacles are booster shots against the disease called
“As a child, I was depressed, withdrawn, and sad about family
circumstances. In 1964, at the age of 10 my despair heightened beyond the
bearable. Even though eyeglasses enabled me to see fairly well, corrective
surgery for cataract removal left me totally blind!”
“I didn’t know it then, but I was thrust into the lonely chambers of my inner
being where I would find hidden abilities that otherwise might never have
been discovered.”
By the time he was 12, Mike already had begun to transform his lonely
darkness into poetry, song writing, and a vision of the future. “Many people
are astonished when they find out that I never had any formal training as a
radio and TV broadcaster. What they do not realize is that I had thousands
of hours of practice as I sat in dark isolation, dreaming, rehearsing, and
pretending. It is now popularly called visualizing.”
By age 20, Mike had become an established broadcaster. Then at 25, he
produced and financed his first gospel album. This attracted the interest of
the Savoy record company, which then was one of the largest gospel music
producers in America, landing him a contract for his second album and a
nationally distributed release.

During this time, Mike was already hosting a weekly talk show on cable TV. In 1980, he purchased professional TV
equipment and hired his own production staff. Hence, Mike entered the world of commercial TV. He encouraged
and assisted Pastors of many churches with starting their TV ministries. Later some of them branched off to
establish their own telecasts that are still running today.
In 1987, the motivational speaking arena opened to Mike. As the Assistant Manager of Distributor Relations for
Dick Gregory’s company, Correction Connection, Inc., Mike traveled nationwide, speaking to thousands of people
in the process.
Along with his business venture commitments, Mike Jones continues to write inspirational music and poetry. He
broadcasts weekly to thousands on radio and Internet TV. Mike Jones has been featured on Channel 6 ABC,
Channel 3 CBS, Channel 10 NBC, Channel 29 FOX and Cable network TV One. Mike has also successfully owned
and operated several Cafes in many of the major Pennsylvania State buildings and is very involved in Real Estate
“Even though I have lost my natural eyesight, I feel blessed that through Restoration Multimedia Network, I can
offer an opportunity to churches, community groups, and small businesses to share their message.”
“I want to work with church and community leaders that see the necessity of bringing churches and the community
closer. I think churches should be restoration centers where the community can receive not only spiritual direction,
but quality information about health and nutrition, housing and economic development.”
Mike is featured on a CD with Les Brown, the motivational speaker, and has toured and spoken with Les in many
cities. Mike’s long-range goal is to become the first blind talk show host with a nationally syndicated radio and
television program. Mike is now reaching millions by way of television on Impact Network as well as his own
Internet TV station,
Mike has successfully published 2 books; his first book, “Living Your Dreams Against All Odds” is a living testimony
of how to do anything you want to do against all obstacles, and in his second book, “The Power of the Spoken
Word” he shares his wisdom and affirmations he uses in his time of meditation. Each morning he begins his day in
prayer and meditation as a launching pad for another day beyond any limitation!