Pastors Robin & Cheryl Hancox

Robin Hancox, Australian born, is the founding pastor, with his wife, Cheryl.

He is one of the best informed, yet to be discovered, prophetic voices in North America that focuses on spiritual currency…what the Lord is saying (right now) to His Church. The ministry carries, by God’s grace, a diversity of prophetic teaching / preaching, psalming and impartation (Romans 1:11).  

Robin’s approach to his listeners is always nonreligious, relevant to the 21st century believer, and uncommonly effective in delivering God’s Word to the heart of the hearer. The “Remnant” church – those he refers to as “100 fold” believers-will relate immediately to this anointing (Romans 9:27, Romans 11:5)!

Robin is also a Certified Turbo-Prop, Instrument-Rated Pilot, an avid blue water fisher and scuba diver, and a published author.

Cheryl, the oldest of four children, was born and raised in California. 

As a young woman she met her future husband, Robin, and they were married not long after. Their desire to serve the Lord led them into full-time ministry…but it wasn’t long before problems began to surface. What followed was a challenging two-year separation, during which time Cheryl really began to develop a closer walk with the Lord.  

God brought their marriage back together, and a ministry of reconciling broken marriages & hurting people was birthed.  

Whether it is from the pulpit or one on one, Cheryl has a strong calling on her life, especially in the ministry of encouragement and exhortation. Cheryl’s teaching and messages are both highly practical and very relatable. 

Cheryl also greatly enjoys one on one discipleship and connection. Being highly relational, she is always looking for ways to invest her life into other people.