Bishop Ron M. Gibson & First Lady LaVette Gibson

Ron Michel Gibson was born May 14, 1955 in Los Angeles, California to Alfred and Shirley Gibson.  Ron is the second child, and first son of their beautiful seven children.  His mother, Evangelist Shirley Gibson, being a devoted and highly anointed woman of God, diligently raised Ron and his siblings to love and serve the Lord.  It was at Paradise Church Of God In Christ (later renamed Faithful) founded by Elder Zack Jones, that Ron received his early Christian training and the foundation was laid for his life calling to the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.  At Faithful, Ron’s spiritual development commenced in the Card Class and culminated with his Ordination as an Elder in the Church Of God In Christ.

Elder Gibson has been a part of Southern California First Jurisdiction all of his life.  As a young boy and throughout his teen years he was greatly impacted by the profound ministry of Bishop Samuel Crouch.  Upon becoming a young adult, Brother Ron went the way of the prodigal son and got a different type of education from the streets of South Central in Los Angeles.  At the age of twenty-five [25] years old, Brother Ron committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.  All the misery he suffered became his ministry to a generation who needed to see a living example of God’s delivering power.  Since that time he has been a faithful and ardent laborer in the Jurisdiction serving in the following

  • Licensed as a Minister in 1981
  • Ordained an Elder by Bishop J. A. Blake, Sr. in 1982
  • Y.P.W.W. President of Shiloh District
  • President of State Ministers’ Unit
  • 3rd, 2nd, 1st Vice President of the State Y.P.W.W.
  • Founding Superintendent of the Koinonia District
  • Administrative Assistant to the Jurisdictional Prelate since 1995
    • ~ 1995-2009 to Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
    • ~ 2009-2011 to Bishop Joe L. Ealy

In May 1987, Elder Ron M. Gibson became the founding Pastor of Life Church Of God In Christ in Riverside, California.  The membership has grown from nine members to approximately 4,000 in the past twenty-four years.  LIFE Christian Academy started in 1999 and extends from Pre-School to the Fifth Grade.  The Church sponsored a Christian broadcast for ten years, Living in Fullness Everyday, which aired across the nation and in several countries.  LIFE hosts an Annual Koinonia Conference which is designed to promote fellowship amongst the various segments of the Body of Christ.  Under our separate Community Development Corporation, Pastor Gibson established a home for young men who are wards of the Juvenile Delinquent System.  He has a vision to see them experience the same redemptive work of Christ which saved his life.

Evangelist LaVette D. Gibson was raised in a Christian home and with the strong influence of an extended Christian family.  Her great-grandfather, Pastor Thomas F. Jones, was the founder of Peoples’ United Community Church in Watts, CA.  Mother L.O. Hale, LaVette’s great-grandmother, served for forty-five years (1935-1980) as the Supervisor of Southern California First Jurisdiction.  She had a tremendous impact upon LaVette’s spiritual life, which commenced at the age of sixteen with her acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  In 1974, just before departing for her freshman year at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, LaVette received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  This experience equipped and empowered her for the life journey which lay ahead.

 At Spelman, LaVette majored in Political Science with an emphasis in pre-law.   Her career goal was to become a criminal lawyer.  It was towards the end of her sophomore year that she received her calling into the ministry with these words from the Lord: “Your vocation and ministry shall be one.”  In obedience to this call, LaVette left Spelman at the end of her sophomore year, and enrolled in Southern California College (now Vanguard University) in Costa Mesa, CA.  Vanguard University is a Liberal Arts Christian College sponsored by the Assemblies of God denomination.  There, LaVette majored in Religion/Biblical Studies, and graduated with a B.A. Degree in May 1980.