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Beulah Missionary Baptist Church
Service Times

Every Sunday Morning at 7:30 am and 10:45am








Reverend Jerry D. Black and Mrs. Kate F. Black
Ministry Bio

Pastor Jerry D. Back is the pastor of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia. A true-servant leader, Pastor Black has led the church to become the H.E.L.P station by offering ministries for all ages and all sects of the church to fulfill the mission of “Helping You Get Where God Wants You to Be.” Preaching and teaching the Word of God, Pastor Black uniquely blends the traditional and the contemporary to serve the present age.

A proud product of the state of Arkansas, Reverend Jerry D. Black hails from the small town of Blytheville, Arkansas, where he developed a love and sense of compassion for others as a young child as he spent time with “Mama Pearl,” his late grandmother who reared him. These early years laid the foundation for the life and the ministry of a humble servant of God.
The recipient of many honors and awards, Pastor Black is a national icon among preachers and pastors. He is the “Preacher’s Preacher.” Yet, he his heart for serving God’s people remains the same as he focuses on service, not fame and prosperity, as he visits the sick, serves bereaved families at repasts, counsels members privately, and greets members and visitors after each worship service.

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