"The Master
"The Power of Example"
"In Times Like These"
The "H" Files
"Until Christ is First in All Things"
"Finding Security in the Love of God"
"The Triumph is Complete"
"Jesus Fulfills His Gospel"
"Good Friday Service"
"Enter the King of Glory"
"Commit Yourself to Jesus Christ
"Called To Freedom" Part 2
"Don't Hate The Wait"
"The Message of Redemption"
"Single, Saved, and Satisfied"
"Hope For Single Parents"
"The Divine Pattern For Family"
"The Divine Pattern Of Marriage"
"Serving With Purpose"
"Shaped to Serve God"
"Observing How God Cares For You" Part 2
"Observing How God Cares For You" Part 1
"After We Say Amen"
"God Is With Us"
"And Now For An Important Announcement"
"The Good News"
"The Benefits Of Grace" Part 3
The Reason We Rejoice Part 2
The Reason We Rejoice Part 1
"Let The Word Do The Work" Rev. G. Bruton
"The Benefits Of Grace" Part 1
"Glorying In The Cross" Part 2
"Glorying In The Cross" Part 1
"The Superior Heavenly Sanctuary"
" Sowing And Reaping" Part 2
"Sowing And Reaping" Part 1
"Some People To Avoid"
"God Is Love"
"Who Is Your Neighbor?"
"Sowing and Reaping in the Kingdom"
"Love One Another"
Ministering In The Will Of God Part 2
"Ministering In The Will Of God" Part 1
"Receive One Another With Understanding" Part 2
"Receive One Another With Understanding" Part 1
"You Are Not The Boss Of Me" Min. Eddie Armor
"Supernatural Living" Part 4
"Supernatural Living" Part 3
"Supernatural Living" Part 2
"Supernatural Living" Part 1
"Do You Really Know Him?" Rev. Voltz
Rev. Dr. Larry Tucker
"Listen To Your Mother"
"The Testimony of the Church"
"A Proper Attitude"
"The Supreme Act of Worship" Part 3
The Supreme Act of Worship Part 2
"The Supreme Act of Worship" Part 1
"The Dawning Of A New Day" Sun Rise Service
"The Blood" Original Skit By Sis. Tammy Barber
"Acknowledging The Lordship of Christ"
"Where There's Christ, There's Hope"
"Knowing What You Possess" Part 3
"Sexual Abuse Awareness Seminar" WAR "Women Against Rape"
"Knowing What You Possess" Part 2
"Knowing What You Possess"
"No Separation From His Love"
"The Incomparable Gain of Glory"
"The Truth, The Whole Truth
"Life in the Spirit" Part 6
"Life in the Spirit" Part 5
"Life in the Spirit" Part 4