God Is In The House
The Kingdom of God
The Resurrection
A Day Of Celebration
You Will Get It All Back!
The Glory Of God
Ingredients for Success in Life
God Wants You to Prosper
Throne of Grace 8am
Exceptional Faith
The River Of Life
Growing Your Excellence
Endure, Run Your Race
Light Of The World
Salt of the Earth
God Is Real
Jesus the Gift That Keeps Giving
Jesus is Coming
Self Control Part 2
Source of Peace Sermon
A Picture Of Peace
PEACE: Lessons From the Shunamite Woman
The Joy of Heaven on Earth
The Love of God in the Life of Joseph
A More Excellent Way
Love In Action
New and Improved
Greatness Among Us
The Right Time
Destined For Greatness
Something To Be Thankful For
Serve God with Gladness
We Serve
Give Birth to Your Dreams "Consistency"
Rev. Rohin Beach "Bounce Back"
Give Birth to Your Dreams "Commitment"
You Can Live Your Dreams
Mens Day
Give Birth to Your Dreams - Patience
Give Birth to Your Dreams - Part 3
Give Birth to Your Dreams
Trust God
Grace: Coming out of Captivity
The Blessing of God
Run Your Race
Running With The Horses
A Soldier in the Army of the Lord
The Fight Of A Father
God Cares for You
A More Excellent Way
How To Overcome
What Would Mama Do?
God Is A Giver
The Call To Worship
A Sacrifice of Praise
God's Agenda
Worship - 8am
Worship - 11am
Faith Is Always Rewarded!
Understanding HERstory
Understanding HERstory
8am Jubilee Service
The Work of Love
What Do These Stones Mean
Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes
Leaders of the Future
Therman Evans, Jr., Esq.
Pastor David Jefferson, Jr.
Rev. Otis Moss, Jr.
God Is Calling Us
Jesus: The Gift of a Bright Future
December 4 2016 8 41 55
Divine Connection
We Can Rebuild
Stand Out, Don't Fit In
The Messiah, the Mother,
Kneeling For Christ
Never Give Up
On Being An Overcomer - Taking Authority
Being An Overcomer - Part 1
Life Advice From God
We Are Here to Praise God
How to Walk in Victory
The Making of a Champion
God's People Are Blessed!
Called By His Name
Dr. Mark Wade
The Power to Love
Love - Part 2
Love is the Driving Force of Life!
The Glory of God
A Reason to Rejoice
Being a Champion
The Power to Act
Principles for Life's Success
The Point of Pentecost
The Process of God
More Life Lessons From the Resurrection
Life Lessons From the Resurrection
Resurrection Sunday - Divine Intervention
Palm Sunday - Liberation from Limitation
God's Noah; a Higher Standard
Choose to Worship God
Shaking Up the World - 11am
True Worship
Growing Your Praise
Hard Lessons on Growth
Growth: Building Capacity - 8am
New Year's Eve Service
The Birth of Jesus - PART 3
The Birth of Jesus - PART 2
The Birth of Jesus - PART 1
Youth Message - Why Are You Here? What is Your Purpose
A Parable of Prosperity
A Church On the Move
It's Time For Something Great
Excellence-Part 2
The 3 Phases of Faith
God is Great!
The Power of God is Available to You
The Discipline Needed to Serve God
Let us Fight the Good Fight
The Favor of God
Straight Out of Slavery
First things first!
Think Big! Stop Limiting God.
Excelling in the Act of Giving
The Freedom to Give
Fathers Are Givers!
Can These Bone Live?
16th Pastoral Anniversary Service
Why Jesus Came For the Lost?
Where Are the Nine?
Why Do You Put Tradition Over Truth?
Where Is Your Faith?
What Is Your Name?
Your Soul Is Valuable to God
What Shall a Man Give in Return For His Soul?
Why Are You Looking for the Living Among the Dead
Who Am I to You?
God Does Not Change
What Is That In Your Hand - PART 3
From Religion to Relationship
3 Elements of the Glory of God
The Praise of Christmas (11am)
The Praise of Christmas (8am)
The Civil War Inside of You
Mission Impossible 11am
The Divine Benefits Package
The Benefits of Serving God
The Busines of Serving God (PART 2)
The Power of Christmas (11am)