Dr. Michael Mitchell & Dr. Bernita Mitchell

Dr. Michael Mitchell
Founder and Senior Pastor of Restoration Ministries International Christian Fellowship (RMI).
Anointed as a teacher and preacher, Dr. Mitchell’s focus is to help people “Discover their Destiny,” and determine the answer to “why they were born.” He is assisted by a team of ministers, more than 50 Ministry Departments, and a School of Ministry designed to help equip God’s people to fulfill their purpose and destinies and be actively involved in the Kingdom of God.
With his extensive years as a ministry leader, Dr. Mitchell has developed an in-depth knowledge of the Word of God, and sound maturity in the flow of the Spirit. He currently serves on the Board of Regents of Hilliard Vocational Bible Institute (HVBI), and has served on the Board of Trustees of the Fellowship of Inner City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM).
Dr. Mitchell holds a Doctorate Degree in Ministry, Master Degrees in Human Resource Development and Management, Bachelor Degrees in Biblical Studies and Business Administration, and an Associate Degree in Education.
Dr. Bernita Mitchell
Associate Pastor and Executive Director of Restoration Ministries International, where her husband, Dr. Michael Mitchell is Founder and Senior Pastor. 
Her assignment is to provide practical insight and understanding in how to experience joy, peace and progress in everyday life. Through God’s Word, Dr. Bernita imparts truth and the reality of life. 
Along with her teaching ministry, she is an entrepreneur, a prolific songwriter, and an anointed Praise and Worship Leader. Together, she and Dr. Michael Mitchell are a powerful and unique team joined together by God to impact the nations.
Dr. Bernita holds a Doctorate Degree in Ministry and is a licensed and certified Clinical Christian Counselor. She is also a member of several renowned business and religious organizations.
The Mitchells are the parents of four anointed children: Mike, Kel, Michelza, and Kebron