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 announces its comprehensive and innovative client solution oriented product, Streamline. This exclusive program was designed with the client in mind. It provides you, the client, more accessibility and capability. Streamline is an extension of the exemplary product and services offered by Consider Streamline as your back office and all of its features as your personal assistant.

Every ministry has access to synchronized analytics for all their live and video on-demand content. Every ministry has access to all the data required to completely understand how, when and where their content is viewed. Additionally, Streamline answers the who, what, when, and how many questions of viewership. Streamline takes the guesswork out of video analytics and content strategization by providing practical and useful data.

The team utilizes the data obtained through Streamline and offers ways to make the most of the data provided. We inform you of who's watching you and how many are watching you, what you can do to keep them watching you and how to increase viewership. We provide immediate and long range opportunity strategies that are exclusively yours. has a perfect solution for live event streaming of worship services, bible studies, concerts, conferences, Pay-Per-View events and private events. Our system will capture your video and audio feeds and deliver your message to the world on our state of the art platform. is known for having the most dependable live platform in the streaming industry.


LifeStream provides Video-On-Demand services using the latest technology to translate audio and video contents into digital formats. By providing quick, high-quality capture and encoding at LifeStream’s in-house Digital Media Studio, ministries can easily present new or existing content over the Internet.

Our professional A/V technicians will process and deliver you the finest quality encoding services. Employing our full solution services, you’ll be able to deliver VOD teaching programs and other archived events to your viewers easily.




Mobile Video Streaming


Mobile Streaming offers a complete solution for creating and distributing the highest quality live video experience in a mobile environment.  Reach new customers and expand to a global audience by streaming either live or archived  video content  to Mobile Smart Phones such as Andriod, Black Berry, Windows, IPhone,  IPad and other smart devices.

Mobile Industry Overview

• 40 million smartphones were sold in the 2nd quarter of 2009    Mobile industry growing at 27% year over year.
268 million mobile U.S. subscribers in 2009    45 million iPhones shipped since June 2007   iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in the US  -  Sources: The Nielsen Company, Apple, Venture Capital 


Unlike a conventional radio station, LifeStream's 24/7 Internet Radio Network enables your ministry to broadcast anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you know how much it costs to fund and launch a traditional radio station? Are you aware of the overhead expenses associated with a venture of this magnitude? LifeStream's 24/7 Internet Radio Network is available for a fraction of the cost of conventional radio station broadcasting. LifeStream removes the challenges associated with conventional radio broadcasting. We make it easy for you! We provide a fully programmed streaming system directly to you. Let us help you make your 24/7 Internet Radio Network work for you.




Let LifeStream put your ministry on the cutting edge of technology by Podcasting your messages and events. You provide the content and we will make your messages available to millions of podcast users around the world. With millions of Podcast viewers out there, you should make your ministry both seen and heard with this revolutionary product.



Simulated Live Streaming has the ability to stream archived video content to play at specific times and increase viewership. You can webcast single or multiple video files in a single day, week, or month. You can choose to webcast different files at different times in Live broadcast format. Just upload your video files, set the order in which you'd like them to play, schedule a start time. Simulated Live Services are limited to a maximum of 24 hours per week included with’s unlimited Live Streaming package. 12 hours per week of Simulated Live Streaming services included with the 2000GB Live Streaming plan.
 is now offering an AUTO-Record feature that allows you to publish your sermons moments after your live broadcast is finished.

This feature can be setup as an auto recorder, this means each time your start your live stream your services are recorded and stored in our Streamline Video Management database as an On Demand file. This recording feature also has a manual record function; this option allows your ministry to begin recording your service at anytime during your live broadcast, a great option if you want to offer On Demand viewing of sermons without having to edit your program(s) before uploading. The manual recording option will also allow your ministry to provide content in a more timely and efficient manner. The choice is totally in your hands. When you choose to manually record your program(s), it allows the broadcast to stream live, and start and stop recording when you choose without interrupting the live service in progress.



Lifestream's Search Engine Marketing Program is the best way to present your organization in the most comprehensive way possible.

What is LifeStream.TV's Search Engine Marketing? It is all about making small but integral changes to parts of your website. These modifications combined with other pointed and pronounced changes make a noticeable impact on your site's visitor experience and performance in organic search results. In other words, we assist in making the most out things for your organization.

Effectively and comprehensively promoting your content gives your organization a faster discovery by those who are interested in the same subject matter. Our program will improve your page's (site's) interaction with both users and search engines. Taking advantage of our exclusive service will make it easier for search engines to detect and index your content, directing more traffic to your organization and giving you the benefit of more exposure.

In conjunction with our Search Engine Marketing Program, Lifestream.TV offers a comprehensive Analytical Program that provides an incomparable source for gaining insight into how visitors reach and behave on your site. Further, this valuable program measures the effect of changes made to your site and aids in determining the most popular content on your site. Hands down, this is the best!

Our team will work with you to completely optimize your website. We will determine what change will produce the best conversion and return rates with visitors.
Let Lifestream help you put your site's best foot forward! Get started today with LifeStream.TV's Search Engine Marketing Program. Your organization will never be the same!

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