Bishop Edgar Vann & First Lady Sheila Vann

Through solemn meditation, he hears the whispers of a powerful voice — the voice that directs him to lead, teach and preach the Word of God. The knowledge and wisdom given to him by the unction of the Holy Ghost continues to reveal impart vision and manifest in him to reach higher heights. Bishop Edgar L. Vann, II is an anointed preacher and teacher whose vision for God”s people enables him to build bridges, reach across denominations, generations, gender, race, culture and ethnicity, changing lives and building communities. On December 5, 1976, Bishop Vann was called to pastor Second Ebenezer Church. During his tenure, the membership of Second Ebenezer has grown from 66 to more than 5,000 committed believers.

Under his dynamic and able leadership, Second Ebenezer has grown in more than just numbers. There are more than 50 active and thriving ministries. This multi-talented man of God uses every spiritual gift given to him to spread the gospel. He preaches, teaches, leads, motivates, sings, directs and plays the keyboards and organ. He also consults to various federal, state and local officials and business leaders.

During his years as pastor, Bishop Vann has developed extensively the international ministry of the church and has traveled the country and abroad teaching and preaching to all who desire to know God. A prolific writer, Bishop Vann has penned numerous published articles on a variety of subjects and is completing his first book, Why Look Down and Die, When You Can Look Up and Live. He is a featured columnst on faith and policy for the Detroit News and been given the distinction of being one of Metro Detroit’s most influential ministers by the Detroit Free Press. Bishop Vann is recognized for his leadership, his anointed ministry and his continued commitment . Over the years, he has received numerous accolades and awards for his dedicated service to the church as well as the community at large.

Among his recent accomplishments was receiving the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Pastor of the Year in January 2004. He also was inducted into the Board of Preachers at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.

Bishop Vann does not limit his ministry to the church. He is Founder and President of the Vanguard Community Development Corporation organized in 1994. Currently with a staff of 35, he is leading an entire community towards restoration, healing and empowerment. Bishop Vann is also committed to helping individuals destroy the yoke of poverty and affirm themselves with sound biblical principles.