Real Time Analytics

Receive data in real-time mode. Our real time streaming video analytics provides valuable insights into your viewership. Monitor the number of viewers connecting to your broadcast every 5 seconds. At the end of each broadcast, there will be a viewer summary. In cases of multiple broadcast per day, the cumulative total will be shown in the daily stats widget.

Cloud Re-broadcasting

With LifeStream’s cloud re-broadcasting widget, you can re-air previously live streamed content. This widget allows you to schedule your video to stream at a specified time. You can air it on, as well as your Facebook and YouTube accounts. Setting up a cloud re-broadcast is simple and convenient for republishing broadcast at a scheduled time when you are not able to stream live or just want to offer your viewers additional content to engage.

Password Protected Events

Are you hosting a live event that is a non-pay-per-view event? will setup an event page for your that only you and your viewers will have access to. This will allow you to share content with the viewers who your grant access to, this keeps your content protected and in the environment that you control.

Live Streaming

Deploy live streams of your services anytime, anywhere. With LifeStream’s state-of-the-art content delivery networks, you can easily deliver RTMP streams live to multiple destinations with just a click of a button.

Closed Caption

Any programming that is recorded before broadcast (not live) is required to be captioned in a post-production, or off-line setting. A trained writer will transcribe the audio of the program, including sound effects and music. The transcript is sent to an experienced caption editor, who will then transform the text into captions using captioning software. The captions are then timed to match the spoken audio perfectly and are strategically placed on the screen to avoid graphics or people’s faces.

Video on demand

Develop your very own archived programming system. This will allow viewers to select, previously streamed live event or special content uploaded as on demand only, your viewers watch or listen to your video or audio content whenever they want. Whether it’s a will have access to your content any time, rather than waiting for a scheduled broadcast time.

HD Video Player

High-Quality Experiences

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Artificial intelligence optimizes streaming bitrates based upon changing network conditions

Rapid Startup
Player pre-fetches assets for faster playback startup.

Any Device
HTML5 player delivers consistent experiences to any device and any browser.


OTT Delivery

LifeStream enhances the viewer experience as we seamlessly stream both live and on-demand content to your viewers. Optimized for multi-device delivery, your audience can access your content on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple tv OS. LifeStream offers channel development and content delivery.

Interactive Mobile App

Our proprietary mobile app platform allows you to build customized mobile apps in days —not weeks or months. With the utmost extensibility, the Interactive LifeStream platform gives you the most flexibility to meet your mobile needs.


Start monetizing your video content in a matter of moments. Ask for donations, capture leads, set up a subscription business, or just use it as a pay-and-play solution for selling videos online. It’s up to you!

Post Streaming Analytics

View stream-playback data to understand and track viewing trends and statistics across multiple platforms and browser data.

Live Chat

Engage with your audience during live broadcasts. We can integrate your current live chat provider or social media chat.


Limit viewing access to your content through geo-blocking. With this advanced access control tool, you can secure or change content depending on the end-user’s geographic location.


Media server software provides the ability to record a live stream while simultaneously allowing users to play, pause, resume, and rewind the recorded stream. 

Live Chat

Media server software provides the ability to record a live stream while simultaneously allowing users to play, pause, resume, and rewind the recorded stream. 

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